Do not cling to anything


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Hail Master Ramatis!

Sisters! Do not cling too much to the present life, for it is an infinitesimal lapse of time in the evolutionary history of each one of you. Once incarnated, your understanding of the world becomes limited, for the carnal wrapping is also a mental envelope, forcing you to forget the imponderable realities of life. However, here we are to remind you of the world to which you truly belong, when devoid of material physical limitation. A time-less world, where your minds will manifest again, by the impulse of the Divine Spark.

Do not cling to anything. In the present existence, you are birds flying over survival in the forest of physical life. Soon you will return to the true homeland to which you belong. You were scheduled for the renovating flight.

We were gathered together and each of you were submitted to the preparatory session for the present incarnation. You have been presented with a road map of life, in accordance with the karmic needs of each one that, once understood and accepted, was put in place by Superior Planning.

This flight of this present existence will soon be over. And what will you take back to the work teams that prepared you? And the Teachers who trained you? And the countless workers who watch you?

Earthly humanity lives decisive moments and needs the Light that it can not yet reap with its own hands. Light that arrives abundantly to this Group to be distributed. Rejoice therefore for the work that comes to you as an offering of redemption, and place yourselves in the service of this Light bringing it to those who need it.

Spread the information that comes to you!

May the peace of the Lord Jesus be with us!



GESH – 01/04/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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