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Hail, Jesus!

Brothers! Unwavering, the Light follows its path, directing the physical plane toward progress.

Brazil, the great nation, the homeland of the Gospel, the soil of Promised Land, is misunderstood in its progress, in its programming. Men do not understand these meanings.

To be a land of the Gospel does not mean to convert humanity to a single religion, because religions are necessary for a planet that gathers men who have different understandings of what is Divine. This, brethren, is the great importance of the religions on planet Earth, which group men in their evolutionary category, which united continue, following the laws brought by their spiritual leaders.

Brazil, in the category of Homeland of the Gospel, will shelter, in its new frontiers, the spirits that will communion of the same beliefs, of the same spiritual union. And it will be Land of Promise because it will have a blessed, fertile soil that will sustain the good seed that will germinate here and will allow the establishment and the communion of the people that come here.

It was not promised to this nation in the current evolutionary moment, that there would be a land renewed in the midst of the social upheaval in which the Brazilians live, for if today you are suffering from various moral, political, social and religious problems, your spirits have chosen this moment so that you would pass through the necessary proof that your souls need to evolve.

In Brazilian coexistence live the despots of the past, the slavers, the corrupters, the sensual, the usurpers of the families, the dictators of justice, the colonizers and the nobles who came here and sullied this land of shame and blood, on the floor of winning the gold, the precious stones, the valuable woods that this soil produced abundantly.

Today, those who protest the unscrupulous acts of their leaders and shout for justice are the ones who have been most unjust in past lives.

Brazil is still in its evolutionary childhood. His people still live in spiritual infancy, without a harmonious direction to follow, for they still lean on laws that reflect the nature of those who work them.

There is great concern when we see that the Spiritual Laws - the teachings of the Master Jesus - fade away in time, erasing from human minds and hearts, strengthening the norms of imperfect men.

That is why the apparent chaos in which you live, caused by the passage of Hercolubus, with its hygienizing performance was marked for Earth. The Orb is not ungoverned. Brazil is not ungoverned. Everything follows according to Divine programming. The Hosts of Light do not interrupt the course of events, because they know that the people who cry out for justice are the same ones who reap what they have abundantly sown in the past. Allied to this, we find that the Christ consciousness is fading and the earthly man is becoming more and more primitive in his thoughts and his action, distancing himself from the Source of Light that created him.

From this set of events, we say to everyone:

Brethren, strive to build the new man within you!

Before you incarnated, you all received teachings, guidelines and warnings of what you would go through, of the difficulties you would face when incarnated. Therefore, you are all aware, consciously or unconsciously, that you have already been warned in advance about everything you are suffering, from the global boils to the difficulties of daily life, to enchantment with matter and to involvement with social commitments. However, you have deafened to the received alerts.

As you return to the High in prayers, a glimmer of remembrance - that you do not identify the origin - guides your way of acting. And this guidance comes as a suggestion, or rejection of a particular behavior, or even as a questioning in some decisions to be made. All these are warnings that your spiritual minds send to material minds, that this path has already been traveled and it is time for change.

We can not open the future to mankind, but we can, through the Light that the Master sends to sustain us, to tell all of you that very close is the concretization of the great transformations.

Seek, all of you, no matter what religion you profess, to follow the Roadmap of Light, because all religions teach the Way of Light. All were sent by order of the Father.

The rescue will take place, regardless of whoever it may be, wherever you are or believe, as long as your mind and your behavior are in communion with a high moral, with a Christic thought, living in brotherhood with the neighbor.

It is worrying what we see, the way that this earth is following. It is worrying for us, who love Brazil, to see the trails, the deviations, that the people choose to go through. This people who received the Divine Hosts in their creation, the most enlightened beings and the highest minds, together with the Master Jesus. All this effort was directed to Brazil. However, we see a sad future for the people who distance themselves from Cruzeiro, because they want to match up with so-called superior nations.

Brazilian people, rescue within you the fraternity and the union, which made you meek, humble and in solidarity.

May the Light of the Master enfold us all and sustain us in His heart.

Save the Master of Light!



Spiritual Guide of Brazil

GESH – 15/12/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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