Live as Jesus has lived


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The hate and violence subdue the humanity that always answers the appeals of abysmal areas.

Sublime words from Celestial Areas vibrating lovingly. However, your hearts are dived into ignominy of past and present mistakes and primitive feelings attached to the matter, becoming you insensitive to the sublime melodies.

God is present on all things. Endeavor and peacefully, look for new energies, elevating your thoughts above the foolish feelings. Get free from ties arresting you to the abysses and seek the Sublime Messenger driving everybody to his Father's House.

Live as he had lived.

Act as he did.

Think as he thinks: Love.

Only through the example of Master Jesus, you get free from the heavy matter that, as metal chains keep you arrested on earth.

Viva Jesus.

Joanna of Angelis, GESH - 06/18/04 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil.

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