You feel the echo of suffering


Beloved disciples,

May Peace and Love vibrate in you!

You have already experienced this moment in other existences!

The closer the collective tests get, the more intense the sufferings are.

In your sensitive hearts, you can fell the echo of the humanity's suffering!

Your hearts, filled with compassion in the face of the sufferings around you, distance yourselves from the goal of the soul, as thoughts are occupied in search of immediate responses to reduce the sufferings of the brothers of humanity.

You are looking for paths that, for you, seem safe, and lead to the healing of sick physical bodies, reduction of poverty of the hungry crowd, elimination of corruption and deviations from human moral.

Daughters, with the permission granted to me by god Father, I say to you, there is no cure for the evils that afflict you, other than the Gospel of Christ!

Look at the mob around you!

Are those hearts soft and peaceful?

Do the planetary rulers mobilize for peace and fraternity among them and with distant peoples?

Is there forgiveness and love?

Do not delude yourself about the change in human behavior in this moment of panic and collective suffering!

After the pain, the primitive behavior of selfishness, pride, vanity, arrogance and evil are restored for those that, for a moment, had hidden in their souls what they are, because there is a part of society that, even in the face of the brothers' pain around, did not humanize them!

Daughters, we are with you full time during the storm, which is just beginning. Do not you feel my friendly presence?

Do not struggle for this or that illusory truth!

Universal Truth is with Christ!

Outside of Him, there is only darkness and pain!

Work at that hour as if it were the last, for in a short time, you will no longer is able to do it properly.

Your souls are already showing the soft color of the victors, but there is a long muddy way ahead, full of traps.

Do not stop before the troubles necessary for your liberation!

Beloved daughters and disciples,

I speak to your hearts!

Do not let the virus of fear, laziness, and selfishness subdue you!

You are living a serious moment and, in order to remain steadfast at work, have faith and love in your hearts!

Be you on Peace and Love!

Yours Master,


GESH - 05/23/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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