Reptilians chase you


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Hail the Strength!

Hail the Light!

Blessed is Divine Master Jesus!

Dear brothers, from long distance we came by request of Jesus for helping this Humanity and, here we are since long ages.

We know of your improvement and evolution on the path of ascension and progress.

We brought gifts to you. Protecting shields for the next fight (fight occurred on July 5).

Reptilians pursue you. Connected to the Dark Commanders they seek to subdue the Centers of Light. They use lethal weapons, forged into dense energies of torture, fear, violence and evil. They are poisonous and dangerous instruments.

The Shields will give you the necessary protection, as they change the size, becoming of your stature, being able to become the size of your hand.

Go ahead warriors of light to the battlefields for the illumination of the Earth and peace for Humanity.

Setun Shenar is with you.

Blessed is Jesus!


Setun Shenar

GESH - 07/03/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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