Armies of Christ


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Are you ready for the great battle?

How have you been preparing yourself so that at the right time you donate your contribution?

How have you been doing daily?

Have you taken advantage of the Father's blessings and distributed the excess of goods and knowledge that to the less favored brothers?

Do you really wish to take part in this army of renunciation and sacrifice?

Do you already know that, in order to contact with evolved humanities of other Orbs, you have already learned to live with your similar brothes?

Are you clear about the need for abstinence from all the material goods, which hinders your spiritual progress?

You must judge yourselves as interested in the profound spiritual achievements, including to exchange with extraterrestrial brothers and see what you have been able to accomplish so far in order to deserve such a generous opportunity.

Do not be discouraged! We are here to enlighten and guide you, but it is up to each of you to improve your skills for welfare of all humanity.

Think daily about your actions, gestures and words, since we are with you at all times, offering our hands, however, every fall requires a larger effort so that we can help you get up.

We are desirous of finding here true Soldiers of Christ, selfless warriors of the last hour. Moreover, when the time has come to exercise your strength, you shall recognize it was not in vain your training now.

May the Strength emanating from Heavenly Father fill you with courage in the bitter hour of collective trials!

In Heaven, we await you!


Ramatis, GER - 03/27/1982 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.


Note: Message from the book “The Extraterrestrial and Us – Vol I – GESJ”

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