Close the Door of Evil


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You shall close the door of Evil.

May the Light, Love and Power establish God's Plan on Earth!

Freighted, the man walks and anguished, he searches for answers that keep him trapped in the flesh.

Not finding answers for his suffering and anguish, he attacks his neighbor, as well the environment in which he lives in a vain attempt to be happy.

He does not look within himself, afraid to discover, therein, the darkness he fears.

In the superficiality of how he leads his life, he seeks God, wanting an answer that will satisfy his longing to find the source of his disappointments in others.

Disappointed, he realizes that the Divinity will bare him and the evil that disturbs him resides within him.

Finally, naked before himself and the Creator, he realizes the mistake of escaping, immersed into the mud of ignoble regions, in the painful purge of cruel acts.

God Father, all goodness, once again, for the last time grants him life in matter, so that he can discover for himself his mistakes and redeem himself, before his neighbor and environment in which he lives.

If he flees again, he goes to the exile. If he faces and changes himself, he will inhabit the Renewed Earth.

It is the last chance for each one to close the door where evil lives in their hearts and perpetuate the Peace, Love and Power of God on Earth.

Be you on Peace with Christ Jesus!


Alice Bayle, GESH - 10/28/2006 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 43.

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