Keep alive the Flame of Christ


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Beloved Father, we beg you mercy for humanity, which turns its back on your Son, who came in sacrifice to redeem sinners.

The Angel has announced to the Earth that would have a scandal, but woe to the one who provoked it.

Humanity did not understand the profound wisdom of His teachings. They believed that the scandal would come from the Father´s children. However, the Master referred to the moral decadence of humanity, which has already come to the beloved Planet Earth with developed intellect, but in moral decline.

Today, we can see several scandals taking place on the planet.

The rightists of Christ, who try to remain following the Master´s teachings, they are besieged by the shadows and, unfortunately, many are succumbing and others are moving away from what kept them firm and strong in earthly battles.

The chaos has not yet fully befallen the planet. However, until it arrives, many losses may occur, because it is easier to embrace the illusory world, where the creature is not required to compromise, renounce, respect, detachment and work in the name of the light, when, then, they would have to give up the privileges, the earthly pleasures and conquest of gold.

So they are living the golden calf phase again.

If you examine the moment lived, you realize the life of humanity happens in cycles. You can see the fall of Babylon, the golden calf and the fall of the Roman Empire, which today is the West.

 You can again see the persecution of Christians.

Moreover, the divine commandments, which were not a request from the Creator to the earthly people, but, rather, as an order, a law to be fulfilled, you realize that everyone is being relegated and eliminated from the behavior of humanity.

However, now that the apex of the Planetary Transition is approaching, you can see that waters and storms no longer may fall only in one region, but in the entire planet, as well as all the other elements of nature.

The few ones who resist the harassment are like Christians in arenas, who face lions; and lions are the many antichrists that roam the Earth, wanting to erase, from hearts and minds, the image of the Sublime Master Jesus.

Nations of the Earth have already turned against the Master and eliminate Him from their homes and their hearts.

Fight, my brothers, to keep the Flame of Christ alive within you, once the darkness advances relentlessly - not on those who doubt themselves - but on those who have faith and believe in the messages sent from on High. These are the ones targeted by the looks of the shadows.

May the Light of Master Jesus sustain everyone, and be prepared for the chaos is approaching on Earth!

Those who claim to be Christians, even if everything is against what they believe, remain faithful and believers in God.

Blessed is Jesus!


Paul of tarsus

GESH - 08/22/2020 - Vila Velha, ES – Brazil.

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