The Battle for Spiritual Venture is yours


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May Governor Sananda's peace be among us!

The great burden of negativity surrounding the Earth had prevented intergalactic armies of us, extraterrestrial beings from defeating the bestial armies.

By joining our forces, we are managing to break this negative barrier, acting in small battles spread around the planet. The positive balance of what you are living, brothers, is due to some places with a convergence of thoughts towards the Creator, helping to open holes in this “dense and sticky mantle” surrounding the Earth.

If we could show to you this situation, it would be seem the planet covered with a “dirty and frayed cloth”, only penetrate through the holes by the sun. However, make no mistake: the bestial ones are united and proud of their achievements in this humanity, which is increasingly materialistic, anti-Christian and ignoring the suffering of their brothers.

If we could compare the spiritual moment you live with others already spent on this planet, we would say that we only had seen it during the greatest wars occurred, with the difference that, today, with the great pharmacological, technological and social advances, the panic is increasingly incomprehensible , fear and unpreparedness to live the present times.

If today, in the silent war, many are falling, we believe you are not prepared for the overwhelming wave, which is approaching on Earth.

In both planes, there are painful wars and losses. As Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Beings, we are prepared for these battles, but we must count on the incarnated and disincarnated brothers.

This battle is not ours. It is yours!

We are here to assist you, under permission of the Creator, the Planetary Christ and the Planetary Governor of the Earth, Jesus Sananda.

This battle seeks your spiritual freedom!

You are not struggling to remain eternally in material life, with your houses and material goods. The objective is greater than what your eyes see. The battle seeks your spiritual progress, peace of humanity, planetary cleansing and restoration of this planet.

Lives will be cut off, families will be broken up, but try to get out of the limitation of thoughts you have placed yourself in. Look beyond! Do not be attached to fear, the moment you live! There is a bigger goal; there are bigger achievements to be enjoyed if you can pass this test.

Keep faith and perseverance, cunning and prudence, but, above all, love and trust that the Light leads each of you on your journey. Nothing happen in your lives that is not programmed, that the Instructors are unaware, that the protection is not at your side.

Ariadne is among you.

Brothers, who are warriors at the head of the battle, do not lower your sword!

Blessed is Jesus Sananda.

Blessed is the Planetary Christ!


Ariadne, Extraterrestial from Planet Venus.

GESH - 06/19/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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