Stop the disaffection and aggression against the neighbor


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May Peace be on all planetary quadrants!

May Peace be in your hearts too!

Brothers, there would be no need for our presence among you, in order to contain the warlike harmfulness to the humanity and to the planet, if you had followed the guidelines left by Sublime Teachers to, during your evolutionary stay on Earth.

If you had followed the Sublime Lessons of the Beloved Jesus of Nazareth, we neither would be with you to stop the war nor to help amidst the chaos you had installed on Earth. We would come just for your merit to lead you as brothers to overcome evolutionary obstacles in the "construction of the World of Peace ".

We are on the planet, in greater numbers at this time, in order to help, support and guide those who wish to follow safe path, amidst the darkness that you are, toward a way less harmful to your evolutionary health.

We are here voluntarily, to ask you to stop the imbalances and harmful actions, disaffection and aggression against the neighbor!

You refused the major Lessons from Master Jesus. Now, you have to make larger efforts to reach a degree above the chaos you are experiencing.

There is no more time for doubts.

Those who have already awakened consciousness know that something different is happening on Earth. The Planet Earth agonizes at the end of this dimension, anxious to be free from its shell covered with wounds that you have made on your body, after millennia of dilapidation and bloodshed.

The Planet Earth is moving into a new dimension, regardless of your will or credulity.

We invite you, as enlightened and awake minds to a ceaseless work in the Vineyard of Crist.

It is not enough just to believe that the "end of time" occurs, without, however, acting for the benefit of others, easing the hard collective tests.

Exert larger efforts in assisting the poor ones for your own transformation.

There is no evolution without effort, without work, without struggles!

He, who wants to evolve, he must to work.

The Army of Jesus looks for workers who want to serve and not to be served. As soon as possible, work more and more.

There are arduous battles and the daily confrontations between Light and Darkness go on.

Why remain apart, if you can act for your own benefit and of others?

We cannot choose those that will make progress along with the planet.

Each one is responsible for his/her own evolution.

No extraterrestrial or intraterrestrial brother can save you!

Only Jesus is the right roadmap for salvation, in the practice of His Lessons of Love and Forgiveness.

Time is ending for you. Take advantage and follow Christ’s example.

He is the Way of salvation.

I greet you in the Name of the Light.

I am he, who guides you from the High.


Commander Ashtar Sheran GESH - 02/25/2006


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 39

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