There will be no more truce


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Orcadim is among you.

The astral plane is full of troubles.

We, intraterrestrial beings are rescuing those who are able to stay in our cities, as the number of patients has increased considerably. Some remain hospitalized for some time and then sent into exile.

Because of the overload in the Colonies and Spiritual Cities in this moment the humanity is going through, we opened Aid Posts in various intraterrestrial cities spread all over the planet.

These brothers arrive in our cities asleep to calm a little their minds; because there is a great impact, when penetrate the astral plane to absorb the madness, cry and despair.

Brothers, if you could have the ears to hear and eyes to see what we can see, you would know that the war, which everyone expects in the physical world, it is already a reality in the astral world.

The Earth has entered a phase in which there will be no more truce among attacks, since men have chosen fear and manipulation of minds as great opportunity to dominate the Earth.

The selection between wheat from the tares announced by the Master is increasingly intense in the sieve, increasingly fine.

May the peace of the Master be among you!


Orcadim, intraterrestrial beings of Okay City, MT

GESH - 06/19/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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