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Love takes different forms when interpreted by the material brain.

Men are deluded by believing only in the manifestation of love carried out by the flesh brain.

Love needs to manifest itself as indescribable and inexplicable energy. It needs to be felt with the fibers of heart.

In this way, loving God is giving oneself to the work that builds the spirit, elevating it in the direction of the Creator.

Loving one's neighbor means recognizing in him an equal worthy son of God, a creature full of the best potential skills of the soul.

We already had many children, friends, brothers, nephews, grandparents, and others for whom we have already died and killed. Where are they now?

Many find themselves abandoned by our love, because we do not recognize them in a new plastic molded by material genetics, we do not place our childish love in them.

Love is a simple word, which content is unknown by most men!

Make you efforts to understand with the wisdom of the spirit, the profound meaning of Love that rules the Universe and joins us as one spiritual family.

Peace we leave to you!


Nefertiti and Akenaton

GESH - 10/14/2006 – IEVE/RJ – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr 43

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