Christmas Eve at "Modern Times"


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Health, joy, peace and love, it is what the “Grupo Espirita Servos Jesus” -  GESJ wishes for all of you and terrestrial humanity, of which we take part, especially in those unforgettable days, celebrating the  birth of the Sweet and Beloved Lord Jesus, Spirit Sublime that did not deserve the physical and moral suffering on earth.

He left from His Heavenly House to give us the example of practicing the unconditional love, unlimited forgiveness, unshakable faith, renunciation, solidarity and courage to face pain, of any nature, and difficulties, which life offers us.

What have we done with all this collection of virtues? Are we actually practicing His Teachings?

I think the answer is no.

Sex becomes commonplace; life is devalued; the elderly and children are disrespected, animals are mistreated, forests are devastated and so on.

In short, we destroyed our House, dear Mother Earth.

So, how can we not experience, nowadays, this constancy of catastrophes of all kinds, sweeping the Planet, from north to south, from east to west? What about heinous crimes of all kinds committed against children and young teenagers?

It is as if the Earth were very sick and desperately trying to cast its ungrateful, wicked and rebellious children away.

Given what we have seen daily, only a minority deserve to inhabit the Renewed (or Regenerated) Earth.  Nevertheless, let us get back to our subject after this digression.

Christmas Eve at "Modern Times" consists only on "food and drink", more drink than eat, and souvenirs for friends.

People now talk too much about Santa Claus and gifts, and too little or even have forgotten about the birth of Jesus who is the most beautiful and perfect Spirit that

 lived among us, son of Mary and Joseph, the carpenter. Even the beautiful songs and melodies heard during the month of December stopped circulating in the streets and stores.

They exchanged Jesus for Santa Claus, and the manger scene, a delight for the kids replaced by the Christmas tree. They only remember the Adored Master of Masters to ask for something or in the hours of despair and pain. Moreover, it is usual to accuse, charge, judge and crucify Him again. They think never "deserve" such pain and suffering they are going through, and cry out, "Jesus was unfair to me ... I or someone in the family didn't deserve it! ... And so on, complaining and blaspheming.

We sow many thorns along our evolutionary journey and now we are already harvesting, because "Sowing is free, but the harvest is mandatory" (Jesus' words).

Finally, shortening these words, and to soften the "climate", we put a poetry below by Auta de Souza.

 "Peace in all planetary quadrants and Peace also in your hearts" (words of Commander Ashtar Sheran).

Margarida, Spiritual Director of GESJ, in December 2010


It is Christmas of Jesus


Christmas is coming on Earth

Christmas of Master Jesus

Despite the peace he holds

Far is peace, closer the cross!


It is Christmas of Jesus

With Him comes to be

Knowing that many suffer

When they want to change themselves


In the night when many sing

Celebrating the gift of life

Think on those who suffer

Praising it without measure.


Time and hours go by

In vain the men's watch

Distracted, run foolish

Looking for illusion.


Master and Good Friend came to teach us.

He gave his life for us on the cross,

But He reborn each year

Remembering us of His Light


Do not forget in the middle of parties,

That Christmas, more than party, is hope

Of love, kindness and faith,

That He left us an inheritance


Give a gift to yourself

With the perfect act and healthy

Giving up selfishness and

Loving, offer your hand.


Souza, Auta - GESJ - 12/21/2004.


 "Peace in all planetary quadrants and Peace also in your hearts" (words of Commander Ashtar Sheran).

Margarida, Spiritual Director of GESJ, in December 2010


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 59.

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