The last times of "Planetary Cycle"


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Friendly readers, we wish peace, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Much courage, faith and trust in the Divine Designs, for not to be dragged into the whirlwind of doubts, revolts and human madness.

Crimes of all kinds committed in recent years, especially in relation to children are barbaric.

Here, in Espírito Santo State, "Mother's Day", for no reason, a 5-month-old baby was stabbed to death while sleeping peacefully in his crib.

The killer was his uncle, a young man with an unbalanced mind, who was killed shortly after by the police.

Why did it happen with a helpless little child? There were several adult people in the house! ...

The last times of a "Planetary Cycle" that ends, we have already lived, hence so much violence and insanity.

Only through a closer knowledge of the Law of Reincarnation, also known as Law of Return, Law of Cause and Effect or Law of Karma, we can we accept this reality, without revolt, doubts and judgment, even because the "judgment" belongs to God.

"Do not judge in order not to be judged," said Jesus.

Changing the subject, however, still on unlimited violence terrifying the world today, thanks to God and to Loving Lord Jesus, there was no bloodshed between the "Indians" of “Raposa do Sol Reserve and the "Civilized", as desire of the Beast and its faithful followers.

The Government acted as it should be, already programmed by "Force of Light".

We received many excellent messages for meditation and analysis of life on the planet; knowledge that reinforces our emotional, psychic and mental balance.

Jesus said, one day, when he was among us:

"Sowing is free, but harvesting is mandatory."

"You will not leave until you pay the last ceitil."

Thence, we are paying our debts, contracted through the millennia ended.

Only Reincarnation explains the reasons for so much suffering and madness; as a result, we see our courage, faith and confidence in the Great Father strengthened to go through the last phase on Earth, a planet still of Atonement and Trials and to be entitled to the Land of Redemption.


Margarida, GESJ, June 2009


The Focus of Light that you represent


Brothers, there should be no barriers of races and religions among men, but prejudice and pride are above the Laws of Fraternity, which govern coexistence among beings.

You should no longer expect harmony among the earthly creatures, because the dark phalanges advance over the incarnated and disincarnated beings, exacerbating hatred and prejudice, stimulating disunity, confrontation and war.

Those who have faith must remain with their minds attached to the Life-Generating Force, to practice the Lessons of Master Jesus and, maintaining in vibratory levels distinct from the unhappy beings and the dense bands that surround this humanity.

Every Focus of Light that lights up, here and there on the planet, strengthens the Rightists of Christ to endure the harsh trials, staying in the vibrational bands far from the Beast. It comforts and protects those who are still hesitant to walk, just awake from their need for evolution.

The Focus of Light, which you represent, is capable of fishing for fallen souls, in conditions to rise, but without the strength to get out of the ignominious sludge that succumbed.

Go ahead Servants of Jesus, as the fight is intense and your swords clink on the battlefields.

We salute you on behalf of the Planetary Christ.

Peace on all planetary quadrants!

Peace also in your hearts!


Ashtar Sheran

He who guides you from heaven

GESH - 26/11/2008 - RR - Brazil


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 53.

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