Hard times


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Dear brothers, friends, and assiduous readers,

May Blessings of Love, Peace and Light continue to descend from the Great Father on our beloved Mother Earth, strengthening all of us that inhabit it!

Difficult times of fear, disbelief, distrust, even in God's Goodness and Justice.

We continue, still stood up and steady, divulging the enlightening messages that come to us, in addition to the Father's Mercy, through our older Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial brothers and many others evolved spirits, who were born here, lived and died. They are now in the spiritual plane, participating with the most evolved spirits in the Planetary Transition process. All of them bring enough material for study, analysis and understanding about the current events.

Whatever there is, close - Brazil - or distant in the world - let us not lose Faith and, consequently, Hope and Trust in the Lord of All Worlds.

Hence, we start with the message "Have faith" by Rama Schain, for those who are still reluctant; and the key that opens the door to understanding, through Akhenaton’s message “Take turns the spirits” clarifying the apparent cause of divine injustice. The two messages complement each other.

Who has eyes to see, who sees, and spiritual sensitivity to understand, who understands!


Margarida, (1923 - 2014)

GESJ – 2020 celebrating 50 YEARS OLD


Have Faith

Even though the plague, hunger and desolation are devastating your Planet Earth, you have Faith!

Even though the "great beast" of destruction rises from the deep abyss, you have Faith!

Do not lose your hope and trust in the Father.

Do not disconnect from the Sacred Cord that connects you to Jesus.

You are under the agitation of the "black warriors" that will try to destroy the few who are still able to resist their harassment.

They try hardly to reach your nervous center and your physique.

They will try to destabilize your inner balance.

Even though the world seems to collapse upon you, keep firm in your Faith, because when the last chime of the night sounds, the sun will be up again.

I recommend prudence to you, because they are watching you.

The Planet Earth can no longer withstand bloodshed and this deep and heavy slime destabilizes the “support space ships” that, as you already know, have been taking turns for some time, waiting only for the signal.

Have faith, even though your tears flow like rivers from deep springs.

Have faith, even if your heart hurts in pain.

Have faith, because this is the secret of your success.

Only trust in the Divine Guard will lead you to victory.



Rama Schain, GESH - 10/27/2001.

 Psychography - Vila Velha / ES – Brazil.


Take turns the spirits

Conquerors, conquered.

Oppressors, oppressed.

Victims, executioners.

The beings take turns in the different postures in the most diverse existences, always seeking outside, in the matter, the solution that is in the soul.

They decline more and more until the Father no longer allows it.

Humanity needs forgiveness to make the green and colorful New Age flowers bloom on the surface of the Planet Earth.



Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

GESH - 10/12/2001 - Psychography - Vitoria / ES, Brazil


Note: Messages taken from Divulgation nr. 31.

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