Jesus and His Children


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Clairvoyance: Let me try to describe to you, the scene I have seen of indescribable simplicity and beauty.

The landscape was a warm, semi-desert region with arid and orange colored soil, from where; I could not detect any vegetation.

Sitting down on a wooden box, I could see the image of Jesus.

He spoke to a huge group of children who looked at Him attentively. There were children of various ages and races. Over time, I noticed that some emitted a different light energy; I realized some were from other planets and others from here on Earth.

Jesus' words fell like seeds into the children's hearts!

These were serious and complex guidelines for the understanding of those infantile minds; however, said in a lovely way and deposited in their sidereal memory for later use. The whole place, although outdoors, concentrated sweet, gentle, serene vibrations of unique peace.

Gradually, I identified many of us from Group GESJ also dressing on childish clothing, contemporaries of Jesus, embracing Him with our little arms. One of us got up to kiss his cheek. Innocent children with no idea what was really going on, we were just there because it should be.

At this point, the guidelines began to emerge.



"They were integrated and present and active

On earth as great spiritual family in the name of the humanity.

Jesus was the main link that brought together all extra and intraterrestrial Beings, and the earthly ones around the humanity's redemption process. "

At this point, something brought me back.

I have seen behind my head a Focus of Light so strong that seemed to be able to burn. Therefore, this Light was gradually sent by impulse, precisely for not to burn the transmission channels.

The message continues:

“Christ Jesus himself planted the seeds of Christianity in yours and in our hearts. We join in this Planet, but we do not belong to it. Here we have been on mission for millennia.

The peak of the transition stage, of our earthly mission, is yet to come. We are in preparatory stage for it. It is up to us, invisible beings, but always with you, to assist in the germination of the seeds sown by Christ. Fertilizing is your responsibility, as well as making them grow and bear good fruit.

Your task is to feed those who are hungry. Each one may give what he has cultivated, and your reach in helping others will be the measure of the work done by the farmer.

The "fruits of Jesus' sowing" will be food for the earthly humanity, and your rescue occurs to the same extent that you assist the rescue of this humanity.

Do not be you busy in planting other seeds. Keep the land clean for the abundant production of “fruits of life”. Your harvest will bear fruit in other worlds, where other brothers pray and ask for you, afraid that you fail, and desirous that your success decrease according to the time and distance separating you.

Go ahead, my brothers, in search of your destiny.

Walking towards the Light, you will never be lost.

May Peace be in all quarters!

May Peace be in your hearts too! "


Commander Ashtar Sheran

GESH - 11/06/1999 - Pedra Azul / ES - Brazil


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr 23.

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