When the solution does not come from Earth, look at Heaven


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Beloved children of My Heart,

I have not come to destroy the men´s law!

I came to bring the God´s Law to change you!

Meek is my yoke!

Light is my burden!

Come to me, all of you who suffer injustices, pains of the world so that I relieve your suffering, and lead you to My Father's Kingdom!

There are many addresses in my Father's House representing shelter and opportunities of evolution for the immortal spirit. Infinite worlds and humanities inhabit planets near and far from this tiny sphere where you inhabit. Your mind imprisoned by matter cannot even suppose that the dimensions of peace and harmony exist!

All Divine Creation is freely accessible to the souls who achieve merit, and through the high vibrations, enter there to enjoy happiness, joy and infinite peace of God.

Remove the veil of pride, selfishness and wickedness preventing you from seeing the Light of My Love around you.

You are very tormented and confused because of pains and illnesses that hit you. It does not come from God, the evil that afflicts you! They are just, brothers, my Father´s beloved children, which consequence comes from their rebellion against divine and eternal laws.

Death is not the end, but a new beginning for the glory of the immortal spirit!

Come to me all of you, earthly brothers for celebrating the approaching New Age.

The terrible storms can minimize your pride, and, when you realize that you cannot obtain the solution through matter, elevate your eyes to the plans of God where I will be to lead you to the Kingdom of Light.

 I bless you, humanity and I leave you My Love, but I follow you, systematically on Earth.

The Planetary Christ leads you!


Jesus Sananda

GESH - 12/11/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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