Jesus is the way to redemption


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Jesus, the King of the Kings, was born in the manger.

Having announced his birth, men thirsty for love looked for the little Being of Light!

His presence flooded the Earth with light and hope.

Love made him man.

He humbly pilgrimage, surrounded by imperfect beings and, with kindness and sacrifice, fulfilled His mission of putting the light of God in the human hearts.

What did men do with the Sublime Being?

They nailed him to the infamous cross.

He, Jesus full of peace and love, forgave everyone and up to now continues in sacrifice, seeking to awaken in human beings the sublime light of the soul.

Jesus is the divine light, able to elevate all souls from the deepest darkness to supreme redemption.

Only Jesus is the path to redemption.

Jesus, all love and peace, help us to fulfill the Father´s Laws.

Beloved Jesus, presence of God on earth, supports us all.

I am Meimei, at your service.

Blessed is Jesus!



GESH - 11/12/2020 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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