Develop the gifts of the Soul


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From far away, we came to Earth!

We salute you, humanity!

Brothers, we are here to help you to overcome the barriers from this dense dimension to that of peace, love, fraternity and unity among peoples.

Terrestrial brothers, you have not yet understood that human coexistence must be fraternal and solidary, for then to advance on the path of material and spiritual progress. Your tiny scientific and technological knowhow neither bring the desired peace nor make discord disappear, nor eradicate either hunger or disease.

The progress in your science and technology neither bring unity among nations nor reduce the poverty among peoples. You must strive, as a human collectivity in order to develop the gifts of the soul, unique divine attributes that allow humanity to make precious advances towards the fullness of being.

Unfortunately, you exert efforts within the limits you are, not allowing you to look beyond material borders, where life pulsates, vibrant and intense!

Where you imagine darkness, there is light and life!

Where your devices do not detect energy, there is transformation, explosions of atoms that build new worlds!

Your archaic science cannot penetrate the invisible around you, since you refuse to develop the mind, with the extraordinary resources of the soul.

We come from afar other planets, distant universes that your instruments cannot locate!

We have advanced technology, which you strive to have it, not for the progress of peoples, but for the enslavement of beings.

Materialization, dematerialization, astral trip, you are not yet worthy of achieving victory in these and other researches, because of your moral and spiritual backwardness, and your resistance in not following so rudimentary knowledge of God´s Laws, impede your progress.

Terrestrial brothers, we use our technology to assist you!

Millions of ours spaceships travel through your airspace without your devices being able to detect us, if we so wish.

We walk with you in cities, in metropolises, among human collectivities, invisible to your eyes.

We are acting on your behalf, neutralizing the harmful discharges of your inferior thoughts and the toxic residues of atomic bombs exploded irresponsibly.

We help those creatures living in poverty neglected in poor countries, ignored by the rich people. The poor ones are starving, without material and water resources. They have noting. But, the poorer the human being, materially speaking, the more resigned and surrendered to the Justice of God he puts himself, being in a position to receive, in abundance, the friendly help from  Spheres of Light, sent by the Divine Governor of the Earth, Jesus.

At the end of this “cycle of atonement and trials” in this turbulent period of the Planetary Transition, even more pride, pride and selfishness inhabit your hearts and minds.

Wars spread throughout the Orb, like fire in gunpowder, igniting the impoverished hearts of faith, dominating the weakest ones in spirit, slaughtering those immersed in animalistic habits and vices.

Terrestrial brothers, look at Heaven, since we are floating above you, awaiting the Order for the evacuation of the Earth.

Your wicked actions attract pain and suffering to you!

The Earth advances in order to expel the aggressors and its movement cause the displacement of plates that make up its physical body, causing natural catastrophes able to crush your pride.

We are not your judges! We are your friends, older brothers and here we are, in the name of Jesus, Sublime Governor of the Earth, to assist you.

Believing or not in our presence, here we are fulfilling higher orders from Beings of High Hierarchies who guide your destinies.

Wake up, brothers, for the time of atonement is nearing its end, and before the end, the earth will be clean and the fallen bodies of those who have failed in error will serve as fertilizer for flourishing the New Age.

May Jesus bless you so that you can renounce material attachments and detach yourself, building a new being, full of virtues, Love and Light!

Here we are at the service of Jesus!


Alpha and Omega Commands

GESH - 12/11/2020 - Psychophony - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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