Do not waste the last opportunities


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Earthly humanity, listen to the calls of Heaven!

Seek the renewal to your Life purposes!

Dedicate a moment of your life to the spiritual work, elevating the soul with sublime virtues able to put you above the eternal suffering; you have been treading for millennia ended.

Life on Earth is a transitory opportunity for the immortal spirit that has a long road to travel along the various steps of human evolution.

In this ascending process, Angels and Archangels are forged. You have, however, wasting precious opportunities - both on the physical plane and outside it - for communion with God. Animalistic passions, hatred, revenge, pride, selfishness, foolish and excessive vanity, everything, my brothers, let imprisoned you in this transitory world.

Elevate your thoughts and practice the lessons of the highest moral content from Divine Master Jesus, sublime Being of Light, he who, coming down from sidereal heights, imprisoned himself in a physical body, in a third dimension plane. He sought to conquer your hearts and leave in your minds, the Light of elevated morals, and the Eternal Truths that lead you to Edenic Plans.

Then why, brothers, at the end of the Planetary Cycle in this “Planet of atonement and trials”, do you remain tied to animality?

Free yourselves! Develop Love; sublime feeling that, in the entire Universe represents the renewing force of the soul!

Wake up, brothers! The Earth is renewed! Renew also you to deserve to inhabit the New Earth appearing on the horizon.

You are not alone in this valley of tears! Many beings of elevated spirituality in sacrifice for Jesus and for you are on Earth, giving you, examples of courage, humility and love for others.

Moreover, from the plane we are on, we go down to this Plan to help you break through the internal barriers and expand the Light of Love, which everyone has in the heart.

Wake up, because Jesus, the beloved Master invites you to own renewal by Love.

The superlative pains that hit you, they will not cease, children of mine, since it is the last cry of the Eternal Moral Laws of Progress and Evolution to wake you up from the lethargic sleep in which you have voluntarily placed yourself.

The transitory plan in which you live, it is, for you, a sign you must transmute yourself, out of love for your neighbor and God, so that the lights of progress may embellish the immortal soul, disconnecting itself from matter.

May Jesus bless you, today and forever!

Here is Augustine with you.

Blessed is Jesus!


Saint Augustine, GESH - 11/12/2020 - Psychophony – Vitoria/ ES - Brazil

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