Congratulations for 50 years of GESJ


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May the Peace of Jesus be with you!


I have been trying to awaken you for millennia!

Many of you remain against renewal. Then to you, I address my love, so that you can take a step further in this stage of your key incarnation. However, if you cannot to evolve enough to reach the Planet of regeneration, seek at least the awakening of your consciousness to the urgent need for true transformation of your soul.

The millennia flow through infinite time and let you be dragged by the heavy currents of rebellion, vain attachments, and violent passions, degrading and deforming vices of the soul.

I love you wherever you go and when, at last, tired of the atrocious suffering caused by your actions in ignorance, of traversing the dark valleys of arrogance and pride, I will raise you up in the name of the Father, with the blessings of Jesus toward the progress you renounce at this hour.

To those who have already awakened, congratulations for your efforts and commitment in the work with Jesus, which is the way to leave from backward planets to that of high graduation able to lead you more quickly to the plans of Light and Peace.

Do not be sorry for the mistakes made. They serve as an experience to renew your vows of progress.

Correct your imperfections; overcome the barrier of doubts and work for your own reform.

The Creator ceaselessly creates new sparks throwing them into the path of progress to tread the different kingdoms until reach the hominid one, awakening consciousness, and consolidating the kingdom of God in them.

The evolutionary cycle is dynamic; progress does not stop, and those who choose stagnation, face the Law of Progress and suffer the consequences of their negligence.

This Spiritist Group Servants of Jesus celebrates half a century of existence!

It contains in its "curriculum" lots of important works that brought progress to the brothers of humanity, awakening them consciences, rescuing them from dense plans, activating their internal dynamo, which stimulate the will to evolve.

Your Light, initially a small focus, became a Powerful Lighthouse, attracting, receiving, comforting, awakening the sufferers, healing them the wounds provoked by vile feelings, making them, then, Servants of Jesus.

Thence formed a great army because of this blessed activity all over the Earth, awakening consciences, rescuing souls from the darkness, expanding humanity's knowledge about the pulsating life in all dimensions and around you, attracting the Hierarchies of Light, Extraterrestrials, and illuminating the intraterrestrial cities for the great planetary transformation.

Brothers and disciples, who, in mine name, translate the love that unites us into work!

Yesterday, you were in darkness; today, enlightened since you let the blessed love of Jesus blossom in your hearts and evil no longer dwells in you.

Renewed by Christ´s Love, you reach the Land of Regeneration! You know well that has still a path to tread, full of troubles, traps and trials, however, your spirits, full of faith and confidence in the Designs of God, will achieve the victory that we so desire for you.

You are Servants of Jesus bound to fight and that answered his call and, full of trust, love and faith continue working for the renewal of souls, perfection of your spirits, keeping the Tower of Light lit, which the divine Master Jesus founded in this House - GESJ.

You represent a group of servants of Jesus, known in the invisible planes as Valorous Warriors of the Light!

May the blessings received be abundantly distributed among the little ones who crawl on Earth, needy, materially and spiritually, and who find in you, friendly hands, hearts full of goodness able to satisfy them the hunger, to dress their naked bodies and enlighten their minds and hearts of hope!

We congratulate with you, Servants of Jesus, on the anniversary of struggles and victories!

I bless and follow leading you through the valley of suffering, fights, tears and gnashing of teeth on Earth at the end of time!

Blessed is Jesus, beloved guide who leads you to renewal!

Hail the Light!


Master Ramatis, GESH - 12/18/2020 - Psychophony - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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