Humanity towards progress


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May the Peace of Jesus be with you!


You often ask yourself intimately about what happens on the Planet, about the actions of your brothers that bring doubts and fear to human collectivities causing moral downfalls of the weakest ones that lead the proud ones to war.

He, who has no faith, he judges the planet and humanity without divine control. However, we assure you that the Laws of God govern the planetary events and guide the humanity towards inevitable progress.

The Law of Destruction and Progress go together and the choices of each human being brought to Earth in an opportunity for evolution, define, each day, his /her journey through one of the paths, "progress", or "exile”.

You have had millennia to prepare and to evolve!

Earthly humanity, you continue postponing the encounter with the Light, attached to ignoble passions, degrading vices, paralyzing pride and selfishness. However, God´s Laws are for evolution and progress to all of Creation. Thus, you face serious moments of definition, which is the separation between the wheat from the tares, predicted by Jesus.

Awake, brothers to the supreme hour of the planetary transformation and selection of the humanity!

You have been neglecting the lessons of Jesus, who is the sublime planetary governor that brought to you, the supreme moral code, as enlightened path to spiritual ascension.

You were not able to change yourself through the love and sacrifice of Jesus. Then you face now, pain, not as punishment, but as an opportunity for a quicker change of your dark core, by the Father’s blessed Light and Love.

Beloved disciples, the trials on your earthly journey are no greater than your strength! Hosts of Light grant you knowledge and virtues for victory of your spirit, in this key incarnation!

Blessed be our Lord Jesus, who continuously loves everyone leading souls to his Vineyard.

Shama Hare is among you, dear daughters.

Up to now, you have achieving victory in many battles faced in both physical and spiritual plane!

Your hearts, filled with love and kindness, comfort others suffering and needy brothers and, awakening the sleeping ones.

Go on confident, because this work, which you do with love and joy, it guarantees your full victory for the Light of redemption!

May Jesus bless you!

We always bless and follow you up!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Shama Hare, GESH - 12/18/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brasil.

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