Awaken your consciences


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Blessed is Love that unites us!

Brothers, selfless workers, Servants of Jesus, in this House (refers to the GESJ.  Here we find many of those brothers we know in past ages, when we had our spirits still immersed in the matter during the last incarnation, and we finally found the spiritual ascension, grateful eternally to Planet Earth, for its patience and love in leading us from ferocity to meekness.

We were attracted to this House, Center of Light, for the work done based on faith and trust in the designs of God, believing and divulging the presence of brothers from the stars, extraterrestrial brothers, and others anonymous and selfless intraterrestrial brothers from the interior of the Earth.

.The work of awakening the consciences of the earthly brothers is an arduous task, which the selfless workers Servants of Jesus have not given up.

From the spheres of Light, from the higher planes, lights and blessings come to renew your strengths and commitments for the work with Jesus.

We salute you on the victory in carrying out the tasks and in developing faith and love in your hearts.

We are many Servants of Jesus, who walk side by side, following his trail of Light, which surrounds, supports and leads us all.

Nefertiti is among you.

May the Love that unites us expand beyond borders involving all beings on earth, flooding with faith and hope all those who suffer and remain resigned.

We must have compassion and mercy with those who, still plunged into darkness, remain rebellious and ignorant.

Jesus, kindly always takes care of us all!

Blessed is Jesus!


Nefertiti, GESH - 12/18/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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