A new day invites us to renewal


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God is life pulsating in us!

It comes from God, the sunlight that brightens life on Earth!

It comes from God, the soft breeze to eases the pain.

It comes from God, the Orb in which we inhabit!

We were born in His Creative Mind and Infinite Love. We were born through His friendly, loving, omniscience, omnipresence, whose Laws define worlds and beings.

My brothers, we are nothing! We owe everything to Him, our Father, the Uncreated Creator!

As ignorant beings in darkness, we let ourselves led by pride, vanity, selfishness and, thus, we face the turbulence, as consequences of our ignorance.

However, my brothers, the sun rises every day, which dawn invites us to renew our actions, based on love of the One who created us!

For loving us so much, little backward children, Jesus came down, and extinguishing His luminous tunic, he bowed to the broken shroud of the physical body, and penetrated his feet in the mud where we live, without complaining, without reprimanding ourselves. He just held out His Hands, saying, "Come to me, little ones so that I guide you to My Father's Kingdom"!

His supreme sacrifice reverted to Him more lights and strength! Even so, He did not abandon us, pitying on our pitiful condition of wandering spirits, tied to the illusory and fleeting materiality.

Moreover, He still offers the hands to all of us. Through His Love and presence of light, we must strive every day, practicing His lessons of forgiveness, love of neighbor and love of God!

If pain wears your body, elevate the thought to Jesus to become lighter the burden.

If injustice overwhelms your generous feelings, cry out to Jesus and He will lead you to the fullness of peace!

If you made a mistake on the path, even today, supplicate the presence of the Divine Master, and He will lift you up from the shadows to the light of renewal and progress!

Only with Jesus, we can reach new Houses of Light and Peace!

Come, brothers, to the banquet, in the loving presence of the Being of Light who became human only to lead us to salvation!

Dolores is here with you.

Blessed is Jesus!


Maria Dolores, GESH - 12/18/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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