Grateful for the transformation


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Blessed is Jesus!

Under superior permission, I am here thankful for the work carried out by this Group.

About three decades ago, in the Spiritual Plane, I received help in a mediumistic consultation made by an enemy of mine that I had chased for centuries for mistreatment to me. I was a slave slaughtered with his whip. I was bourgeois poisoned by his sorcerer's devices.

Of course, I had also committed unfortunate acts against others, but I did not think about that! I discharged all my thoughts and emotions, with vibrant feelings of intense hatred against him my executioner.

However, on that mediumistic consultation, despite my cries of revolt, a soft and loving voice said to me:

- "Jesus invites everyone to forgive offenses, as we are also in need of being forgiven".

It was a shock to me, those words.

What was that?

I was the one being chased, the victim! I had not hurt anyone!

However, at that moment, the memories awakened in my mind like a living waterfall, and I could contemplate myself as an executioner, I was fiercer than my executioner was!

I was very shamed, and then I gave myself to the loving appeals of those who, in the name of Jesus, offered me so much help.

Since then, I have given myself to the protectors of that House of Charity, where I healed my old wounds, softened my heart, forgave my executioner, and prepared myself for new earthly struggles, in a new garment of flesh.

While I waited, I worked in the lighted field of Jesus!

Thanks to this House of Charity, thousands of other brothers and me healed us from hatred, through the love of Jesus' servants.

May Jesus bless you all, who keep the light of hope and love on, to the brother who lives in darkness.

Remain in Peace with Jesus!


Enivaldo, (today, Servant of Jesus)

GESH - 12/11/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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