Benefits supplant sufferings


Sisters and brothers,

May the Peace of Jesus be with us!

Recognizing ourselves as Ramatis' disciples is a sign of the progress in our souls!

Master Ramatis as a Universalist Spirit promotes the expansion of the light of knowledge and love, without prejudice to the brothers of humanity. We share tolerance and love for others, instigated by his friendly presence! Even under brutality and aggression coming from brothers of the humanity, we love even more them, who, having the opportunity to make progress, they do not take advantage of it.

I am Brother Hercílio among you.

I understand your difficulties, because I also had them as earthly struggles, incomprehension of family members and disease. Even so, I assure you the benefits I have received have supplanted all the sufferings and pains faced in that subtle and fleeting interval of earthly life.

The immortal soul, free from attachments, with an awakened conscience and hands at work with Jesus, finds itself floating into space, in a dimension surrounded by unspeakable peace and harmony.

The work performed by Mrs. Margarida has been awakening the sleeping earthly brothers! It has been attracting disciples and spirits of high sidereal hierarchy, who find in this work, the necessary resources and ideal workers for divulging the messages of awakening, comfort, guidance and warning.

I congratulate with you, Servants of Jesus, for that moment when this House turns on the light of hope to the unbelieving humanity! It means a half a century of struggles and work reflected in the superior energy given off by all connected to it in Christian labor.

May Jesus bless you!

Go ahead fulfilling God's designs, in the form of work, love, charity, discipline and obedience in order to transpose the portals of the New Age.

May Ramatis bless you!

May Jesus lead you on a journey of hard for the renewal and progress of souls!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Hercílio Maes (Main disciple and medium of Ramatis)

GESH - 12/18/2020 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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