Avoid listening to the preterit echoes


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Clairvoyance: I have seen Uncle Antony, Brother Francis and Aunt Irene at the June party of the children of ASJ. With them were many spirits of children with physical and mental diseases, but happy at the party.

After the prayer given by the earthly children, there was an explosion of Light radiated from Superior Spirits involving the children of both planes, burning miasmas and toxins adhered to their spiritual bodies. It was very beautiful and exciting.

Then Brother Francis spoke:


"Come to me, little children, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!" exhorted Jesus.

This foolish humanity answers the Beast´s call in confronting the Gospel of Christ and staining the childish purity. It is the last insane action of this "end of time humanity."

Mothers and fathers, you are the co-creators of your children. Open hearts and minds to understand them needing your support and education, and to redeem them before the Supreme Laws. You, as indebted spirits, receive corrective resources from Divine Providence to reduce your debts while conducting the souls that come to you as beloved children. To deviate them from the right path, removing their purity, and abruptly destroying the hopes of a happy future, it is the highest confrontation with the Divine Justice that foresees serious moral damages in the offender's debt.

Avoid listening to the past echoes that identify children as adversaries who need punishment.

See your children as divine gift and blessed opportunity to practice love that dignify and regenerates the creature.

In poverty or in wealth, adversaries are reborn in blood ties; but it is the parents' responsibility to respect and love their children, giving of themselves, through the example of honesty and love, so that the children in need of protection do not entangle themselves in crime and delinquency.

In this humanity, if the family failed morally, it demands effort and responsibility of each creature, mothers, fathers and guardians to keep the childish purity integral, because it is important for the psychic, moral and spiritual balance of each spirit launched to the reincarnatory process.

He who imposes mistreatment and abuse on children is an abject, unchristian soul and condemned to planetary exile.

Enemies remain in the earthly arena, when the amoral and anti-Christian appeals dominate the minds of those straying from the right path.

Knelt down, let us beg to the Adored Master Jesus to involve the victims and executioners who face this end of the planetary cycle, with His Immense Love that heals all wounds and relieves the burden of so many who attend His Sublime Presence.

May Peace involve everyone!


Brother Francis, GESH - 06/21/2008 - Vitória, ES - Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 50

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