The hour approaches and "Forces of Evil" advances on you


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Clairvoyance: I could see over the car in which we were traveling, a kind of transport that looked like Andre Luis’s description in his book "Our Home".

When we stopped, it also stopped in the air and went down softly landing. Inside it were Zambi, Shama Hare, Andre Luis, Doctor Samuel and a driver unknown to me. They were in a state of concentration when I felt a very strong presence of Master Jesus. An intense beam of light descended from the high and the Adored Master gave us the following message:


Beloved brothers and sisters,

I told you that when you were gathered in My Name, there I would be.

I come to you, because it is what our Father determines. I come for the little ones, the poor and indebt spirits like you.

Why do you doubt about my manifestation and presence?

Doubt lies in you, in the distance you created between my Loving Heart and yours, which, taking the wrong paths and criminal practices that has distanced you from our Father´s Laws

Come to Me! I am inviting you to take again the right path according to the God´s Laws. Observe what determine such Laws!

Join loving each other! You are brothers that must share brotherhood and support. The troubles you have faced are the fruits of your ignoble actions. Do not blame each other; rather, remember your repeated mistakes, which you did not yet master. The time has come, and ends the time foreseen by the Law of Progress.

You all compose the humanity I have led for millennia, called to awaken. What are you doing? You doubt My Presence, since you consider that above you, I command "Heaven and Hell", determining the direction you take. It is wrong in your discernment, overshadowed by clouds of ignorance.

I am closer to you than you imagine, searching every soul, pleading to the Father for help and support for each one, guiding workers and benefactors of the Army of Light, so that with you, they are supporting, guiding, clarifying and healing the wounds you cause , for so much ignorance.

Brothers and sisters of mine, time is up for doubts. Come to me speaking to your consciences, without mediators. It is enough you wish to meet me.

Come to me, beloved brothers! The hour is approaching, and evil is advancing on you. The Kingdom of Light awaits everyone, since you all are flock worthy of this Shepherd.

May your insane consciences be no greater obstacle than My Love represents freedom!

Release the ties of disturbing emotions and come to immerse yourself in the Sublime Feeling of Fraternal Love.

Reconcile yourself with life and, in the name of God, who guides us from above, deny the forces of evil.

May Peace reign on earth, to children of good will!


Sananda (Cosmic Name of Jesus)

GESH - 11/24/2008 - Roraima, RO – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 52

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