Jesus is our Shepherd and anything will lack us


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Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Sisters, the battle reached its objective of helping the suffering ones, imprisoning the rebels and enlightening the Earth, (it refers to the battle that took place at dawn on July 5th. of the current Year).

You have the spiritual bodies wounded, as is natural for soldiers while facing battles. Now here in the spiritual plane, I witness events with a clear and conscious mind, no longer needing the mediums to report them to me.

The work, which we have built, it allows us to penetrate this world of struggles in a voluntary, conscious and active way. It is very important for our spiritual evolution, because although the invitation extends to the whole humanity, there are few, my sisters, who accept voluntarily and consciously, the sacrificial tasks of conducting oneself in the Army of Christ.

Therefore, go ahead confident in the work and conduct of our Masters, Guides and Tutors, in these painful moments the Earth has entered.

Humanity has been demonstrating its spiritual unpreparedness in the face of difficulties, struggles and atoning trials and those few who have awakened have a moral obligation to exert efforts to maintain themselves at the high levels that will lead them to the Land of Regeneration.

Jesus is our Shepherd and anything will lack us.

May Jesus bless you all, beloved sisters!

Jesus is with you and His Light, His loving Presence sustains us in all plans of life!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Margarida, Spiritual Mentor of GESJ

GESH - 10/07/2020 – Vitória/ES – Brazil.

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