The Call of Christ for all humanity


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Clairvoyance: I can see us in battlefield (which took place on 05/07/2020), fighting bravely. It was as if I were watching a movie, but at the same time, taking part of it.

Indeed, I was watching the combat led by a Superior Being, who was speaking as we walked through the battle.

Only at the end, he introduced himself, or allowed me to identify him as our beloved Commander Ashtar Sheran.

He looked very “human”, closer and real beside me.

He then told me:


Pay attention, when we fight, we do not think about anything. Our mind remains fixed on Christ who leads us!

We are neither “Crusades” nor “Holy Inquisition”; we are Army of Christ, and in his name, we clean the Earth illuminating the darkness with His blessed Light. We help the prisoners that incidentally, are more prisoners of themselves than of theirs executioners. We imprison the bestial creatures; and the selection of this contingent of fallen and rebellious people carried out by life-guiding beings.  These magnanimous beings enforce the Greater Laws of Creation.

We are a small part of the whole, but very important for manifesting the Light in the dark areas of the lower planes.

In the soldier of Christ´s, hearts cannot have resentment, desire for revenge, hatred, avarice, pride, selfishness, vices and others. Any inferior feeling let him unable to act as soldier of Christ, passing then to the category of those in need of help.

The Army of Christ on earth is composed of ordinary human beings, like you, incarnated and disincarnated, who have already surpassed minimum levels of spiritual graduation above the uncontrolled, careless, ignorant, immediate human beings.

Consciously or not, everyone who has reached minimum levels of spiritual moral evolution that make them able to connect with the Hosts of Jesus, they can participate in intense, uninterrupted and vital activities of planetary cleaning and sanitation, in the various functions.

The Call of Christ is for all humanity, therefore, the one who awakens to the Light, achieves renewal.


 And looking at the battlefield the Commander says:


 See how many beasts, creatures deformed in their physiological constitution! Their wicked and guilty minds put them in this sad condition of rebels, far from love; however, the Divine Light dwells in all beings and it is enough a single higher thought, feeling or emotion to activate the inner light and attract the higher universe to help it.

The automatism of the evolution is acting on Earth, in the solar system, driving what is upwards and what is above up even higher. The planetary cleansing advances, the world changes in its astral and physical in the subtle planes, where the change is clearer.

Prepare for the clashes of planetary transformation, which has shaken the psyche of earthly souls.

Presiding over the Great Earth Plan, Jesus embraces everyone, leading souls to the vineyard of the Lord!

"My Kingdom is not of this world," said Jesus!

He reigns in the hearts of the creatures, in tune with the Universal Truths.

Be you all on Peace and Love!

May Peace be also in your hearts!

I am the One who guides you from heaven!

I am the Guide Star in the dark sky of the third dimension.

I am Commander, Ashtar Sheran of yours.

Our hearts are not happy when we fight with brothers of ignorance. Greater joy is serving Christ and loving God!

In reverence and submission to His Sovereign Will, we rescue the rebels so that, through the Laws of Creation, they become the fearless angels of tomorrow.

Peace and love in your hearts.


Ashtar Sheran, who guides you from heaven

GESH - 11/07/2020 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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