Pain is remedy


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Blessed and praise forever is our Lord Jesus Christ!

Brothers, Christ is with you, side by side, in the valley of pain and gnashing of teeth!

We take care of you, in His sublime Name, pouring out blessings of health and peace, fraternity and love, so that you do not perish prematurely by revolt in the face of the painful events that hit you.

Brothers, do not let you be carried away by the overwhelming wave of rebellion, hatred, selfishness and pride that plagues the earthly humanity. Pain is the medicine,    bitter and necessary given in the right dose to bring your ancient spirits to the Vineyard of the Lord, God the Father, Creator Uncreated, Omniscience and Omnipresence.

In everything, His blessed Love assists us.

Loving and just having compassion for your moral and spiritual backwardness so attached to the transience of material life, which represents a divine resource for your salvation, God Father allows pain to flourish among you. The soil, sown and cultivated abundantly by you with the acid of discord and the gall of evil, would not allow anything other than to grow in your fields, pain and gnashing of teeth.

However, my brothers, Christ Jesus gives you hope of reaching a better world of peace and love, fraternity and harmony among men. It is the sublime script contained in his Gospel, the greatest resource.  They are sublime lessons that lead the creatures to Happy Worlds.

We who are little like you, but who already understand that, in order to achieve the gift of deserving to live in the dimensions of Light, it is necessary to serve and love in the name of Jesus.

May peace and goodness dwell in your hearts!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Dulce, your Sister in Christ

GESH - 07/25/2020 - Vitória, ES - Brazil

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