You cannot destroy the Earth!


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May Peace and Fraternity be among men!

Pride dominates the embodied creatures!

The world leaders think the Hosts of God do not know their "super-secret" projects.

You are very ignorant about yourselves and the Environment in which live! You still ignore that thoughts and intentions generated in the creatures ‘consciousness reverberate into space. Colors, lights and perfumes, pleasant or not instantly reveal you and your intentions.

We came from distant universes, of parallel dimensions, however, connected with this dimension. Our eyes can see what your minds not even imagine to exist among you.

Do not be naive, earthly brothers to think, even for a moment, that you can direct the destiny of the Planet and humanity now inhabiting the surface! You are far from mastering anything!

Your physical bodies are fragile, perishable and limited in this dimension, and you despise the soul, as eternal strength.

You cannot destroy the Earth!

Your desire for power and dominion drains your spiritual forces, attracting to you, humanity, the toxic residues thrown into the invisible, dense garbage, which revert to diseases and natural tragedies.

Many rulers know about our extraterrestrial presence; however, they systematically deny intelligent life outside Earth. If you want something to compare with your backward intelligence, you can compare yourself to the inhabitants of backward planets, because LIFE is unlimited, in the unlimited Universe of God. Moreover, the Earth is a tiny sphere, a grain of sand pulsing with life and strength, in this System where you inhabit.

You take advantage of human beings in panic, devoid of faith to put into practice the destructive projects, insane wars, and depletion of the population, through laws that exploit the poor ones and enrich those who have everything.

The devices of the Laws of God that guide your destinies are not within your reach to manipulate them according to your convenience and inferior desires. You cannot guarantee you eternal life in matter.

You cannot see the transient matter in process around you.

We are here to warn you that greed, pride and selfishness will bring destruction to the peoples.

The Planet Earth advances in its transformation and then to abandon the dense dimension.

Change yourselves, earthly brothers! The time comes so that the planet penetrates the bands of turbulence more and more, when your society will transform.

Laws, which govern human conduct and interchange among peoples and beings, will represent nothing in the moment approaching, when destroyed will be all the illusory structures of your society.

Wake up, earthly brothers!

Christ Jesus, planetary governor, calls you to love and peace, mutual assistance, which will attract the benefits of the Light to lead you through the tortuous paths of Planetary Transformation.

May Jesus, guide and bless you!

Blessed is Jesus!

We are Space Gardeners,


Ysh-Wan and Ma-Hyr

GESH - 07/31/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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