Christ is the Antidote to Evil!


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Under the shadow of anonymity, forged heinous crimes heinous remain unknown to humanity. However, in the criminal's soul, the deep marks of deformations connect him to monstrous beings that lead him in the matter and accompany him outside.

Brothers, the indifference with which you treat the exchange among your souls and others, invisible to your physical eyes, but real to your spiritual eyes that makes you like puppets for the unfortunate and bad beings of Darkness.

In guilty consciences, the negative connection points multiply, providing ways, more and more concrete of beings from the lower astral spheres for connecting with the guilty mind, triggering obsessions for many existences.

The crimes committed by creatures are not limited to what you can see. No way, brothers! The wickedness of thoughts and words also attracts to those who emit them, hideous creatures that manipulate and think themselves owner of these souls.

Christ is the antidote to evil!

His lessons and His Gospel is the liberating example!

There are no extemporaneous miracles able to free you instantly from the invisible enemies chasing you.

It is in continuous effort in changing the direction of thoughts, emotions, and hurtful words that the guilty creature modifies its dense vibrations, elevating them to subtle transformation with Christ Jesus, thus being able to repel evil and connect to Good.

Obsessions multiply in the hideous humanity, once the intelligent insane beings by using modern tools to manipulate the incarnated ones.

The more connected to the matter and to everything that can benefit from it, neglecting the subtlety of the soul - thoughts and emotions - more vulnerable the creature become predisposing itself to the various obsessive degrees.

Free you, brothers, from the yoke of dark forces, evangelizing your souls in the sublime chords of the Gospel of Jesus.

Jesus is He is Way, Truth and Life!

Be you on Peace with Jesus!

De Miranda Manoel Philomeno.


When you feel imprisoned by disaffection, sick affections and passions, immersed in whining, hopelessness, sadness, resentment and hatred, you know that other minds direct your action.

It is up to you to initiate your detachment from the “shadows”, illuminating your souls with the renewing light of the practice of Jesus' lessons.

Many are the selfless hands desiring your progress and helping you to reach the light of renewal, when you so desire.

Love and forgive!

Only Love can free you!

Blessed is Jesus!


De Miranda, Manoel Philomeno.

GESH - 07/31/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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