We Comply with the Greater Laws of Creation


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We salute you in the name of the Light bringing to you, Peace and Love from our hearts!

Blessed is Jesus, who is the planetary Governor, and Divine Light guiding us!


From Patrol Planet, spaceships leave to Earth, circulating at strategic points seeking the planetary rescue. Do not think they are at random actions. No! The Divine Plan to which we take part in obedience, respect and love, fulfills the God´s Sovereign Will about the evolution of worlds and beings.

Over the millennia, this humanity has neglected the higher orientations, the teachings of universal truths of loving God above all things and the neighbor. They remain immersed in vices and degrading passions, full of pride, selfishness, hatred, desire for revenge, not progressing satisfactorily in high degrees of evangelical morality. This way, their souls remain dense and deformed because of less worthy actions and thoughts.

Throughout the history of human evolution on Earth, we have been always helping you, in accordance with the Father's Will. Extraterrestrial beings have reincarnated among you to impel your moral and spiritual progress.

You did not even recognize the sacrifice of the Being of Light Jesus, who, in favor to the  unbelieving human creature, took a physical body generated in the womb of a woman, also divine, in order to listen to the calls of earthly hearts, still so ignorant and in need of clarification to wake up. He was not recognized and, for that viciously murdered.

Jesus, with all love and compassion, continued with you and sent His emissaries to incarnate among you, in order to promote the awakening of consciences. However, you have reached the "end of the planetary cycle", still very backward and ignorant, wrapped with mud of decadent beings moral and spiritual, speaking.

Extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial spaceships circulate among you, collecting thousands and thousands of spiritually failed terrestrial beings toward the planetary exile.

We cannot judge you. Your guilty consciences darken your souls, hiding the brightness of Divine Light existent in all sparks, Creations of God.

We comply with the Laws of Creation, which determine the evolution of worlds and humanity.

The Planet Earth advances to the higher dimension that shall provide you, peace and harmony. Its wounds are deadly and, if it does not react, looking for more subtle plans to regenerate itself from aggressions suffered for millenarian aggressions, it may perish in this dimension. However, brothers, the Planet Earth still young, which premature destruction is not included in the divine plans in this cycle.

The world progress cycle is long and the Earth will still travel it, inhabited by more spiritualized spirits with which it shares the ideals of brotherhood and love of life, in all levels and forms.

The Planetary Transition continues full of struggles and pains, but of progress for those who wish to ascend.

Be you on Peace and love!



Commander Yuri

GESH - 07/25/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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