Everything from invisible world reverberates in the visible one


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I felt the strong energy of Master Ramatis and I listened to his words:


Beloved brothers, sisters and disciples,

We congratulate you, for another victory of the Light, which is ours too.

The Light continues invading the dark fields, brightening the Earth and expanding the Father's perennial life.

The clashes in the astral, on the invisible planes, continue fiercely and, at the same time, with the struggles for planetary cleaning, you face battles in matter, compatible with burning of your karma.

Disciples, expand your consciousness beyond the limited time conducting you in the matter. Elevate your thoughts to the Supreme Source of Life drawing strength and vital energies to supply your souls with courage, faith, peace and love.

The intraterrestrial cities illuminated are receiving more and more human beings from surface, most of them in spirit, after leaving their physical bodies on the cold tombstones.

The intraterrestrial beings rejoice in joy serving the Excelsius Father in His divine work, which drives life on the evolutionary cycle.

The extraterrestrial spaceships brothers circulate freely around the terrestrial globe helping earthly peoples, but also in exile.

While everything happens in vibrant transformation, life in all planes and dimensions, human beings retain their minds and hearts only in the current suffering, without realizing that the roots of such pain are in themselves.

You argue the divinity as “whys” of stinging pains, without, however, fulfilling the Laws of God.

Winter, summer, autumn, or spring are confused because of the planetary changes.

Everything that happens in the invisible world reverberates in the visible one too!

The macro and the microcosm are transmuted, in a perennial dynamic.

Put in your divine constitution, the resources for spiritual progress. Do not be attached to transitory forms!

Dedicate yourselves to the spirit in order to be free more quickly from the worlds of trials!

Love one another, as Jesus taught you!

Dedicate a few hours of your time to the development of elevated moral transforming your souls so that you are in harmony with the Creator, once the “last call” knocks at your door!

May Jesus bless you!

The Planetary Christ takes care of the humanity.

Be you on Peace and Love!


Master Ramatis.

GESH – 07/11/2020 – Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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