God's Laws Encompass All of His Creation


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Blessed is Jesus conducting our souls!


Do not stop your steps towards spiritual ascension. Even with your physical bodies worn out by the action of time, your warrior spirits tread the path of liberation.

Difficulties and struggles faced in material life mean tests programmed for this existence for leading you to the path of light. At each stage won in the expiatory trials, more strengthened in faith are your spirits for new conquests to direct you to the path traced by your Master Ramatis, so that your soul reach the highest plane of ascension.

The Planet Earth accelerates in its transition. The catastrophic events generator of collective deaths shall be the key point for emptying of the Earth in the “great selection between embodied and disembodied spirits” predicted by Jesus, and which already occurs among you.

Among so many events affecting the humanity, you neither be afraid nor is feel powerless to change what not in your hands. Go ahead working, in the certainty that the Plan of God takes place according to His sovereign will. If there is suffering, it is a consequence of human beings' choices on earth, not by God.

Since long time, this Humanity has been alerted about the future events and has done nothing to change the painful predictions are happening now.

Humans remained attached to the fanciful religious legends of heavenly paradises, blazing hells, eternal punishments and a vengeful God and of course tied to the perishable matter, fearful of the spiritual liberation. However, Jesus brought undying lessons that, once practiced, change the soul, bringing it into harmony with God.

Brothers elevate your thoughts to the Creator!

Change your actions as soon as possible. Even today, forgive those who hurt you, love God above all things and your neighbors too. You have penetrated the "gates of turmoil" leading the Planet to the Renewed Earth. Moreover, the events that happen among you are trials of the Last Judgment, which lead souls to their destiny of renewal and progress or to planetary exile.

Our information is not fanciful! You have doubt because for long time you kept your souls immersed in the illusory matter and ignoring the invisible universe that permeates the physical world, worshiping God exclusively on days fixed in the religious calendar and living everyday life only with lustful materialistic intentions.

A vibration of love attracts Spirits of Light to you while inferior feelings keep you tied to the inferior beings, stagnant in evil.

To overcome the barrier of moral and spiritual backwardness is the task of each soul, who must conquer the highest planes on their own merits.

God's Laws encompass all of His Creation and, with equal opportunity, establish progress for all creatures.

May Jesus bless you!

Earthly brothers free you for the future of Light.

I am with you.


Paul of Tarsus

GESH - 08/08/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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