Jesus is our Haven


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May Peace and goodness be in your hearts!

Brothers, the conflicts and dissonance of actions in selfishness, pride and disrespect are of human nature, since creatures form the humanity constituting the worlds of atonement in an initial stage of moral and spiritual development.

Unfortunately, the earthly humanity has been ascending very slowly, not deserving the sacrifices of innumerable superior beings who, abandoning their abodes of peace and harmony, dive into a physical body, in the third-dimensional material world, to awaken the unwary asleep in ignorance.

Jesus, the most sublime Being that came on Earth, brought the liberating script to the earthly humanity. However, brothers attached to matter and temporal goods, clinging to unhappy passions and illusory attachments, remain tied to this stage of the “infinite escalation” of the evolution of beings.

The stage you live in the Planetary Transition - the Apocalypse – defines the destiny of souls inhabiting the transitory world. Hercolubus intensely exerts its action in the depths of souls, making more difficult the choices of the path to follow. For the materialistic ones there is no other path than the satisfaction of the gross and limited senses of the physical world; on the other hand, those who have awakened to achieve progress and elevation of the soul, they face the earthly struggles and the incomprehension of the mob.

Jesus is haven for everyone who wishes the Renewed Earth.

Change you, in the light of His sublime lessons, and go on, loving and forgiving, and everything else comes to you by the grace and mercy of God.

May Peace and love be in your hearts!



GESH - 08/01/2020 - Board Meeting – Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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