Do not postpone again your awakening to the Light!


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Beloved daughters,

May the peace of Jesus be with you!

Thousands of lives in the matter were not enough to heal human minds and hearts.

How long, brothers, will you remain ignoring Jesus' call to adhere to His sublime postulates of evolution?

Time is more and more restricted for this backward humanity. In this process from “completion of the planetary cycle” to beginning of a “new time of peace and love”, in which the Planetary Transition continues accelerating with suffering, pain and gnashing of teeth that no longer abandon you.

Brothers, do not postpone again your awakening to the Light! It urges you to abandon the trenches of hatred, indifference to needy neighbors, vices and vile feelings that keep you in the mud of spiritual backwardness.

You had with you the most sublime Being of beauty and light, living in transitory matter, bringing to you the example to follow in kindness and renunciation. Liberating lessons, His Word dictated to your ears.

After so many centuries and millennia, you did not understand Him yet!

You are still acting like troglodytes, despite your modern garments. You are no more troglodytes! You acquired awareness and responsibility for all your actions and will suffer the consequences of your voluntary delay.

Jesus calls upon all who believe in Him to take up their cross and follow Him to Kingdom of God.

Loving and forgiving, be you one of those who, renouncing matter, deserve to penetrate the happy worlds.

Beloved disciples do not postpone once again your spiritual progress.

Work more and more, since, in working with Jesus, you see your pains reduced and your spirits strengthened to face the trials and reach the light of the highest planes.

Sacrifice, renunciation, work, study and renewal. It is time to practice the knowledge gained from years of study at this initiation school.

We are always with you.

Blessed is Jesus!

.From the Master who loves you so much,


Master Ramatis,

GESH – 07/24/2020 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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