The Planetary Transition continues accelerating


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Clairvoyance: I can see Master Ramatis standing radiating light and love in the meeting at the Shama Hare Study Group. He seemed too big; whose presence filled the entire atmosphere of the meeting.

I caught the following words from the Master:


Beloved disciples, may the peace of Lord Jesus be with you.

You are in the context of the life that your choices have led you. Choices from this and past lives. Nothing that happens to you or those around you is without the greater guidance of the Divine Light. Connected to the superior Hosts, under the command of Master

Jesus, you are the “last-minute workers” who, hitting the steps in divine harmony, follow led by the Light.

Suffering has been devastating the earthly humanity, but the cries of revolt, the ignoble acts of violence and corruption have not ceased. Evil advances taking victims daily. In supplication to the Creator, the creatures beg Him to cease them, pain, suffering and anguish, without, however, improving themselves in humanity.

Few are those who, devoid of rebellion and pride, elevate their minds and hearts in sincere appeals to the Creator, not only for themselves and for their dearest ones, but also for our entire sister humanity.

As you know children and disciples, the Planetary Transition follows its accelerated course, full of suffering, anguish and pain. From Heaven, waves of light-love descend to Earth, in luminous cascades, spilling balm energy over humanity. Few beings, however, can drink from this inexhaustible source of peace and goodness, health and love.

Brothers, Christ is with you!

Connect you to His light-presence to bear, with gallantry and fearlessness, your suffering in the Land of the Apocalypse.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!



GESH – 07/17/2020 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil

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