Spaceships only under Jesus’ authorization.


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Terrestrial brothers, I am Tuella among you.

I am here to reaffirm the words of ours commanders, that the appearance of extraterrestrial spaceships will only take place under the tutelage and authorization of our Commanders and Master Jesus.

Humans, once again, try to use the documents they have to dominate the information according to their needs and interests.

A lot of information is hidden. They will only reveal what is in their interest, what they can use as a weapon.

Those minds connected to the Hosts of Light will know when the information is true or not. They will receive at home, alerts and notices, when so permitted by Superior and Intergalactic Hierarchies.

Beware of what comes out of temporal governments. Interests are hidden and not always fraternal.

Save the Light, save the Peace!


Tuella, GESH – 05/25/2021

Wesak Festival – Jacaraípe, ES – Brazil.

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