I will be fighting by your side


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Your armor awaits you, fear warriors,

In the battle for cleansing of the humanity and defense of your House, the fight takes place against various beings free during the various works done in the Abyss. You have seen some of them during the vigils.

The most feared insane beasts imprisoned could only be caught by power of the Light of Wesak, when the Master Jesus, in an immense effort, makes a part of His Light descend to Earth, united with those of the Masters of the Universal Great White Fraternity.

Groups invited that accepted to participate in this battle*, are already prepared, each one with training and resources.

Perhaps you will not feel the result on the physical plane, but on the astral plane there will be a great cleansing to alleviate a little the deleterious burden that hangs over your heads.

I will be fighting at your side with the sword of justice and light.

Let us join in a single purpose of loving and free the Planet Earth from the ties that hold it for the evolutionary progress.

I am John the Baptist with you!


John Baptist, GESH – 25/05/2021

Wesak Festival – Jacaraípe, Serra, ES – Brazil.


(*):  The battle took place on the full moon of May with victory of Light illuminating another dark field too.

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