The Intraterrestrial brothers help the disembodied ones


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Blessed is the charitable work we shall to do, in the name of the Planetary Governor and to the sick ones on the physical and astral planes.

The Intraterrestrial cities work incessantly in the planetary rescue, as well helping the needy ones of the astral world.

The intraterrestrial cities have sections ready to shelter the current collective disincarnated spirits among a large number of spirits around you. The embodied ones while transmitting their emotions and vibrations of fear and despair, they create an atmosphere of anguish, hopelessness and disbelief on Divine Providence.

We already knew, as humble workers of the intraterrestrial world, that this phase would begin and expand on the physical plane, as well as the collective deaths would increase, causing astonishment to the terrestrial humanity that it would not come only from catastrophes. It was enough a virus, the smallest form of life on earth, to unchain chaos, fear and attachment among humans.

As much as it was warned about collective deaths, the earthly humanity up to now, did not prepare itself for the Arrived Times, the Final Judgment and for Planetary Transition.

Unhappily, even among the Spiritist, who have a higher knowledge that no death or disincarnating occurs without a program, this moment still causes them surprise.

Except the suicides, all these disincarnating fulfills a schedule. It does not matter if it is a virus or a karmic disease, a sudden illness; all the disincarnating spirits know in advance already scheduled the return.

We are helping these patients, most of them as instruments by the ignorant beings of shadows to discredit the divine messages. Others used at work magic, as food for vampires in hospitals, on the streets, at home, and so on.

Fear, my brothers, is feeding the army of Darkness, because the majority has not faith even the size of a mustard seed.

In intraterrestrial cities, the disincarnating spirits arrive asleep for not causing panic or despair to those who are already recovering, since they die more attached to matter than a patient with cancer or any other karmic disease on earth.

Some arrive as if they had committed suicide; such is the degree of despair. By leaving the physical body, they attack the health professionals, taking revenge for not having been “saved”. We work so that they do not become life-suckers from the incarnated healthy ones.

The Planet Earth lives a difficult time, since the humanity does not have faith necessary to sustain it in times of despair. We are already foreseeing what will come, but your eyes cannot see and your minds cannot understand yet: the avalanche of pain and suffering on earth.

I myself, Orcadim, tell you to strengthen your faith, because the day will come when all you will be tested, in what had read, heard and received as an increase in mercy.

It is valuable the work given from Master Ramatis to this group (GESH) to carry out, because these messages selected and organized through the sisters' intuition, they are not for the present moment in which you live, but to prepare your minds and hearts for what will come. The impact of the messages will strengthen your minds and defenses, when you are questioned in the future, why humanity has not been alerted.

We have always opened our doors for the light workers who compose the physical plane of this House. We also take care, through our doctors, together with the GESJ team in maintaining your health, since on the physical plane we will need you to divulge our work in intraterrestrial cities.

Blessed is Jesus, who supports us now!



Intraterrestrial of Okay City.

GESH - 04/17/2021 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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