The Cleaner Star (*) in the final cleaning


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May the Light of Master Jesus be among you!

We often talk about the negativity on Earth is, when thousands of incarnated beings are missing the key opportunity for regeneration, at this "end of time", because of moral declination, addictions, diseases, corruption, and so on. We are not talking of those who persevere and amidst of darkness, they help their neighbors, homeless, hungry, crazy ones and others.

These still imperfect incarnated spirits have already understood, through so much suffering and successive incarnations of pain and lost opportunities that this last great hour lived on Earth can be the opportunity for spiritual and moral progress, a little better to their hearts and minds, so tired of so much suffering.

Amazingly, the Cleaner Star also helps the souls to heal their wounds. It came to show the bottoms of the soul and thoughts hidden by the matter.

It acts as a cauterizer, which stronger energy closes abysses, like a corresponding energy able to close ditches, caves, laboratories and doors, since a subtler energy would be incompatible with the density of the Abyss.

Thence, after a great battle and respective rescue, the Cleaner star brings help to the abysmal regions, closer to the earthly surface like a laser beam closing the cracks, acting, and helping the souls of those who, for centuries and millennia served the Beast. Now, in a persistence of loving the neighbor, they pass by the Cleaner Star´s energy healing the wounds opened for centuries and millennia.

We welcome the Cleaner Star that, as a humble child of Creation, through the Planetary Christ who governs it since billions of years ago, prepares itself for a redemptive task of sheltering the sick, deformed, vampires, dragons, corrupt and others that for so many years have chosen the darker side of life.

The Cleaner Star goes away, but shall remain kept in mind of those spirits sent to the Renewed Earth, as a great brother, who gave them the opportunity to return to the Father's House, of light, prayer and true practice of love.

Perhaps many of you do not see this period of pain and suffering end, but may keep it in their memory for no more returning to such situation. Whatever Planet you are on, the current life with restrictions, impositions, corruptions and gestures of love may remain deeply in your hearts, guiding you in what is right and or wrong.

We are thankful to our beloved Master, Angel of Light, even though we do not belong to this planet, for the universal love brought to Earth.

Blessed is the Planetary Christ!

Blessed is Governor Jesus!

I am Tuela among you.


Extraterrestrial friend, Tuela,

GESH - 04/23/2021 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.


 (*)The Cleaner Star = Intruder Star

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