Keeps stronger vibration


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Sisters, protection, it ups to you, as determined by the High, to all those who, willingly, penetrate the dangerous regions under the command of the Light in favor of the Planet and respective humanity.

As Beloved Jesus said, “To do good without expecting a reward”, this is the true meaning of loving your neighbor.

As you will be on the battlefields*, Master Ramatis asked me to  reinforce the security of your homes with a feline for 24 hours a day, because he, who dedicates himself to this work is also targeted by followers of the Beast present in the Abyss.

Keep stronger vibration to remain unnoticed by the eyes of the Dark sentries.

I am Zambi among you.

Stay on peace!



African warrior friend

GESH – 05/25/2021 – Wesak Festival – Serra, ES – Brazil.

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