It is necessary to study and understand the words of Jesus


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Blessed is Lord Jesus with his Light!

It was asked to Jesus “Master, how can I be with you in heaven”?

Jesus answering said, "If you want to be with me in heaven, renounce everything, take up your cross and follow me."

In the simplicity of the Master's words, there are deep teachings. Speaking in parables, He reached from the simplest man to the scholars of Sanhedrin, who, seeing and hearing His teachings and His example, understood and fought His Great Truth.

Along of the time, humans developed the intellect and capacity to understand what the Master´s parables. Today, man can understand what “renunciation” is and “cross” to be carried to reach the glory of God the Father, in eternity.

In the deep understanding of the Master about karmas, man's internal conflicts, and the various incarnations of falls and ascension, hen he said to his disciples "Give up everything and follow me". However, he did not mean to renounce work, family or life to follow Him, but renounce everything that binds the spirit to matter, such as vanity, pride, attachment to material goods, blind attachment to the family and everything that binds the spirit to the valleys of suffering, such as revenge, hate, envy and jealousy.

When the Master said, "Take up your cross and follow me"; he wanted to say that it is necessary for each one to fulfill the test that weighs on their shoulders, cross-meant karma, as test to free the spirit from everything brought throughout incarnations of pain and suffering.

Therefore, the present moment is the blessed and wonderful opportunity to face this crisis experienced throughout the planet, with faith and courage, to free oneself from pain, suffering and wounds.

The Master knew that if one renounced his family, left everything behind to follow Him, later that spirit would fall. It meant if he gave up what could make him strong, which is the forgiveness of offenses within the family, to fulfill his obligations as citizen, and so on for not leaving behind the great opportunity to fulfill his karma and his test.

Take the opportunity given to you, my brothers. Victory does not come in calm or in apparent peace. It is in pain, renunciation and suffering the spirit truly shows it has learned the lesson.

Many are the called, few chosen. Reflect on these words. The Gospel messages are not to be repeated randomly, or for the convenience of the speaker. Before to say them, it is necessary to study and understand them, otherwise their meaning is lost.

Blessed is the Lamb of God, who through His sacrifice came to show humankind the Way, Truth and Life.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Matthew, the Evangelist

GESH - 04/17/2021 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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