The Spirits Doctrine – Infinite Source of Knowledge and Love


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Blessed is Jesus!

Brothers, in the spiritual world, the greatest one, we continue helping and awakening our brothers and sisters in humanity.

The Spirits Doctrine, as a revealing force in impelling the brothers in humanity, is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and love that transcends the earthly world.

The various spiritual colonies, Aid Clinics for the soul, spread across the globe, assist visible and invisible humanity, seeking to insert in the human minds, the love of Jesus and his representatives, as a stimulus to the spiritual ascension of souls.

In the current accelerated transformations of the planet and in the selection between living and dead taking place, the spirits imprisoned are in lower zones according to their karma.  It is for new opportunities on the physical plane, whether compulsory or not, before of leaving for the planetary exile, which is the current reality of emptying the Earth for the advent of the New Age.

Brave workers in the spiritual plane teach the immortal Lessons of love and forgiveness of offenses brought by Master Jesus in practical courses seeking to improve themselves in the practice of the Gospel. Thus, they offer precious hours of their time , voluntarily assisting the sick spirits in colonies, so that, by diving into the transience of material life, in reincarnations still possible in this phase of transition, they can awaken consciences and take a leap, at least, towards to spiritual moral progress.

This humanity remains very oblivious to the urgent need to transform the soul, to take a leap into the higher dimensions, where the mind expands, becomes enlightened and aware of Gods work. For how much, on the planet of such limited dimensions, he, who is advanced intellectually is still very ignorant of life granted us by God as we advance in progress.

We know of difficulties to keep you as rightists of Christ. However, we recognize the delay caused by ourselves. It is time to advance in knowledge and transformation of the soul, he, who wants to reach the New Earth.

Let us work, brothers in favor of the Planet and humanity, so that our consciences, freed from previous guilt, may deserve a new home of balance and peace.

Spread the light of the messages from you to the brothers of humanity, in need of clarification able to impel them the quickest transformation in this "end of planetary cycle".

We greet you in the name of God and Jesus.

Brother Andre Luis is here.

The activities are multiple and intense, but the brothers’ moral delay on the journey reflects the scarcity of workers. Fight bravely, brothers, Servants of Jesus, to keep yourselves in tune with the vibratory bands of those who guide you with love.

Blessed is Jesus, our Master, our ideal of life.


Andre Luis,

GESH – 06/25/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brasil.

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