Charity is Love and Compassion


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Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Brothers, without charity there is no salvation, because through it we develop the eternal goods of the soul!

Charity is love and compassion. Love is the cornerstone of the soul, which supports the light in every cell, transforming the creature into an enlightened being.

While walking on earth, we can see the wounds open in those who follow the paths of hatred, revenge, selfishness and pride. And souls deformed by imperfections cultivated for millennia in need of those whose consciences have already awakened to compassion, charity and forgiveness, to offer them hands and help, so that they also wake up to the Divine Light.

Jesus is the representation of love for us. He was on earth where spread lights and blessings around Him, unconditionally, so that we could follow His example and, even through sufferings, remain contrite in God the Father Creator of all things, elevating our minds in prayer able to support and help us in the practice of charity, love to the neighbor and forgiveness of offenses.

Brothers, begin, even today, the arduous effort of your own transformation. Charity is the path for those who wish to advance in awakening, reaching the Land of Regeneration.

I greet you in the name of God.

Humble servant of Jesus, Sister Dulce is among you.

Blessed is Lord Jesus, Light of our lives!


Sister Dulce,

GESH – 07/09/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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