Earthly humanity is finishing


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Clairvoyance: I can see very tall and thin extraterrestrial beings, placing support stakes in the pillars of GESJ. Then, I received the following message:


I greet you in the name of the Planetary Christ.

Naturally, hidden in the hearts, the creatures keep their gross feelings fermented by the hostile vibrations of “end of time”.

Masks of hypocrisy no longer hold. Perversity of hateful emotions overflows from their hearts, dragging creatures to the multiple deviations of the soul corrupted by lustful pleasures, immoderate pride and exacerbated arrogance.

Corruptors and corrupted ones line up in the same vibratory range and drag crowds of like-minded beings. Deprived of love, they advance on the physical and astral planes, towards the temporal and illusory power.

It is end of “planetary cycle”, and for your actions that detonate imbalance and chaos!

Planet Earth is approaching a new dimension, too exhausted, wounded and weakened. Its recovery will require a greater share of cataclysms to clean it.

Humans, do not you see the abyss opening before you, when you insist on deviations from the Route of Light, sent by the Father and with sacrifice brought to you, by his Son of Light, beloved Jesus?

Do you not know the pains for the soul that strays from the path?

You are condemned to greater pains, prolonging the suffering, in a rude and primitive planet, when you insist on remaining in the deviations of the soul.

Beloved Creatures come to you, sent from the High to alert your consciences, but you have the hearts blackened by false promises that nurture your distorted intentions.

You are decadent pilgrim spirits exiled from another sphere that made progress, to this sphere in which you inhabit and from where you be exiled again, because of rebellion to Creator Laws.

Do you think that you are cheating the God Law?

Your free will is limited and you are not the mighty creatures you judge to be, nor “those” who lead you from darkness.

My brothers, you have to abdicate the subversive intentions of the soul and launch yourselves on the Roadmap of Progress through the practice of love, which exemplifies the Lessons of the Divine Jesus.

The suffering inflicted on you is the reverse of your actions, and feelings.

God laws are just and equitable and you cannot, at the lowest stage you are, to understand or judge them. You are immediate people with mind limited by the demeaning feelings that you cherish within you.

The earthly humanity is finishing, not just an earthy civilization, but also all earthly humanity, selected by the judgment of its vibrations.

Nothing we said seems new to you, however, you remain stagnant in lower vibratory bands, putting you in the position of following as exiled, to face a new planetary cycle.

It is not enough to have knowledge, but to have enough love to overcome the thresholds of pain.

Brothers, see through the spirit the future that awaits you. Matter is perishable and does not allow for a deeper notion of your future.

Jesus and His Gospel must be the Roadmap to guide you out of chaos, toward the Light of regeneration.

 Be you on Peace!


Pericles, on 09/07/2007


Medium: Are you the Greek philosopher?

Pericles: We were pilgrims on this planet and we used, on a pilgrimage in ancient Greece, the name that history tells.



GESH – 07/09/2007 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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