Let love be the flag to guide you!


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Let love be the flag to guide your hearts!

Every people have a divine destiny toward the progress.

The divine plan foresees Brazil as future “barn of the World and Homeland of the Gospel”. In every heart connected to the Land of the Cross have stronger beneficial energies of harmony, fraternity, humility, compassion and love to the neighbor.

Do not let you be dragged by violence and revolt of few inflamed by the “evil hosts” wish rebellion to Brazilians.

The character of goodness of each Brazilian citizen was given and shaped by the group of races composing its people. Belief and faith in God's plans are the pillars to guide the daily life.

The planet is at war between Light against Darkness. Brazil as hope for the planet suffers intense harassment from the “dark armies”. By the other hand, the Beast suffers constant losses in the uninterrupted combats in the invisible plane. Its hatred and revolt pour strongly upon the earthly surface and humanity. Hearts that remain in the lower bands of the dissonant feelings of Harmony with God are dragged by his perverse influence.

No creature has special privilege. Each individual answers for his own spiritual progress.

The Earth faces the difficulties foreseen by the Sidereal Engineers, as well the humanity submitted to the Final Judgment face all the harsh tests guided by individual and collective choices.

Brazilian brothers, let love be the flag to guide you on the earthly journey that will define the destiny of your souls.

Connect yourselves to Jesus and his Gospel, before deciding on this or that path, as the retrograde forces intend to see bloodshed in the Land of the Cross. We will not allow that an armed revolution to stain the superior designs of this Nation.

Revolt, dissatisfaction, selfishness and pride are bad advisers. To fight back with hate is to feed the fire that consumes souls, keeping them imprisoned in the bands of the planetary exile.

Go ahead, Brazilians! Return to the path of peace and unity. Do not let the fire of revolt and rebellion contaminates you!

Jesus is our Main Conductor and to Him you must surrender to reach the renewed planet.

Blessed is Jesus!


Ismael, Angel who guides Brazil.

GESH - 08/27/2021 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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