You live in a Transitory World


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Blessed is Jesus!

"You will hear of war, rumors of war, but it will not be the end yet." (Matthew, 24, 6-14).

These words warn that there will be an end; the end of backward, rebellious and delinquent humanity; the end of suffering planet for long time, due to the harmful actions of humanity.

Earthy brothers, why is it difficult to see one's own moral and spiritual backwardness? The path of light is in front of you. Going through it is your task to reach the exit of the expiatory incarnations.                   

The sublime forces of God guide you and, through the divine Jesus, you knew the road to liberation. However, you refuse to practice it, because lessons of easy understanding transform the soul when it decides on the redemptive practice.

Closer and closer to the earthly humanity are cataclysms, pain and gnashing of teeth. The declining society turns away from the highest and eternal moral laws, covering its mind and heart with materialism and passions of the soul.

Why is it so difficult, brothers, to recognize your mistakes and transform yourselves? Your mind is strongly inclined to believe in the eternal punishments that the churches, through the centuries, have instilled in the masses, in sin, to believe in heaven and hell. It is childishness and ignorance, on your part, to believe in a God who punishes his children at random.

God´s Laws are eternal, immutable and give life and evolution to the Creation.

You live in a transitory world with physical bodies limited and perishable. Everything around you, on the physical plane, changes and is constantly renewed and the eternal soul, in the incessant search for improvement, is lost when it values ​​matter over spirit.

The time comes when you, individually, must face the final tests defining the destiny of your soul, still careless along the way.

Among you, there are on the invisible plane, inferior and evil beings that with you have been treading the incantatory path on the planet of atonement and trials. Nonconforming and rebellious, they suck your energies in search of the gross sensations of matter and your hearts, empty of faith and trust in God's plans, allow the evasion of energetic forces to the retrograde forces that in your soul.

Brothers! Christ calls everyone to awaken consciences! Renew yourselves in the Love of Christ and, wherever you are, launch thoughts of help and desire for helping. Immediately, you will receive the precious loads of love and light from divine Beings who accompany you, desirous of your progress.

Resisting evil must be your ultimate goal!

Transforming you, under the aegis of Jesus, is necessary now!

While the planet accelerates its transformation, you feel the impacts of the “last call” to your consciences, for the necessary and urgent progress.

Be you on Peace!

I am John the Baptist with you.

Go ahead confidently, in defense of the Christ´s ideals!

May Jesus bless you, today and always!


John Baptist, GESH - 08/06/2021 - Vitoria, ES – Brasil.

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